Primaxx Series

Primaxx Aluminum Foils are reliable options to keep your food warm for longer duration. Besides maintaining necessary temperature of packed items, these also act as protective barrier against moisture and bacteria that can decay food. These disposable quality foils are also perfect for sealing, grilling, baking and storing of your favorite dish. Special layer of Primaxx Aluminum Foils keeps original quality, flavor, nutritional value and aroma of edible items intact. Light in weight, these are simple to handle. Free from toxic content, these are biodegradable and are Eco-friendly. Manufacturing technique of these cost effective packaging solutions conforms to food safety standard.
Soft cotton fabricated Kitchen Towels have vital role in maintaining hygiene of cooking spaces. White in color, these textile items can be availed in custom made sizes. Free from optical brightening agent (OBA), this array of items has excellent moisture absorption capacity. Offered Kitchen Towels are anti allergic by nature. Unique anti bacterial attributes of these products prevents contamination. These washable quality items are easy to care for their anti pilling fabric quality. Special edge design of these products prevents their tearing even during their rough handling. Quality of these textile based items has been verified on the basis of their strength, durability, resistance properties and skin friendliness.

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